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Our happy students

I never thought learning web development could be this exciting! These courses not only taught me HTML, CSS, and JavaScript but also delved into advanced frameworks like ReactJS and NextJS. The career guidance provided was invaluable, helping me secure a job in no time.

Anuj Kumar


These courses are a must for anyone aspiring to become a web developer. The step-by-step approach, hands-on projects, and comprehensive coverage of NodeJS and ExpressJS make learning a breeze. The mock interviews were incredibly helpful in boosting my confidence for real-world job interviews.

Priyanka Kumari


Enrolling in these courses was one of the best decisions I made for my career. The instructors are knowledgeable, the curriculum is well-structured, and the support is exceptional. Thanks to the job guidance and mock interviews, I landed a job at a top tech company.



Attending live sessions with this team has been a game-changer for me. The interactive nature of the classes keeps me engaged, and being able to ask questions in real-time has helped solidify my understanding of complex topics like ReactJS. I highly recommend these live courses to anyone looking for an immersive learning experience.



I came into these courses with little to no programming experience, but now I feel confident in my abilities as a full-stack developer. The lessons on ReactJS were particularly enlightening, and the career guidance provided a clear roadmap for advancing in my career.

Kartik Gopal


These courses exceeded my expectations! The instructors not only teach the technical skills but also offer valuable insights into the industry. Thanks to their guidance, I was able to transition into a rewarding career as a web developer.

Anisha Singh


As someone with a non-technical background, I was intimidated by the world of coding. However, these courses made learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript enjoyable and accessible. The career guidance and mock interviews prepared me well for job hunting.



These courses are a game-changer for anyone looking to break into the tech industry. The hands-on projects and real-world applications helped solidify my understanding of the concepts. The career guidance and mock interviews were icing on the cake!



These courses are worth their weight in gold! The instructors are experts in their field and provide clear, concise explanations of complex topics. Thanks to the job guidance, I was able to secure a job as a front-end developer shortly after completing the course.



These courses are worth every penny! The curriculum is up-to-date, the projects are engaging, and the support from the instructors is unmatched. The job guidance helped me navigate the job market with confidence.



Enrolling in these courses was the best investment I made in myself. The skills I learned not only helped me land a job but also equipped me to excel in my role. The mock interviews were especially beneficial in refining my interview skills.



I've taken several online courses before, but none have been as comprehensive and practical as these. The instructors go above and beyond to ensure that students understand the concepts thoroughly. Thanks to these courses, I landed a job as a front-end developer.


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Are the course online or offline ?

We teach online (via Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams), We teach offline (in Ranchi, Jharkhand only), We teach in-person (in both online and offline mode).

Do you offer demo classes ?

Yes, we offer 2 demo classes in each course and are free of costs.You can enquire about the course and our executive will contact you.

What is the mode of classes ?

We teach you LIVE in all the courses & the session would be interactive sessions and there wont be any recorded sessions, if you want you can record the session.

Does the course includes the projects ?

Yes, all the courses are designed as a project driven course, 1st we will teach you all the topics and then we continue with the projects.

What are the payment options ?

We take payment via Online, Offline (Cash) mode and we will send you the invoice copy of the payment made. The payment should be made in 3 installments.

Do you provide certificate ?

After completion of projects and hosting those projects somewhere, you wold don't need any certificate your work and skill will speak more than your certificate. But still if you need one, WE WILL PROVIDE THAT.

What about doubt clearing sessions ?

We do 1:1 LIVE doubt clearing classes both online and offline.

Is the paid amount refundable ?

Yes, if you feel that you wont be able to continue, we refund the partial amount(20% of the amount paid) in 10-15 days after the request has been raised.

Do you provide laptop and other other equipments ?

No, we do not provide any equipment. Participants are required to have their own laptop/computer and internet connection.

What if I miss any of the session ?

Try not to miss, but if there is some urgent work, then we can arrange separate classes for you for the topics you have missed or we will provide you the details of the other batches where we will teach those topics so that you can attend the other batches.