About CapsCode

CapsCode, Ranchi Jharkhand is a Website Development company who aims to ignites tech careers and empowers businesses through its expertise. CapsCode is also a powerhouse for web development solutions for Businesses and Startups. Their team of skilled developers takes businesses visions and transforms them into sleek, high-performing websites and applications. From custom design and development to ongoing maintenance and support, CapsCode caters to diverse client needs, ensuring a seamless online presence. Beyond providing services to businesses and startups, They equip aspiring coders with in-demand skills through immersive bootcamps and workshops, both online and offline, covering a wide range of frontend, backend & Artificial Intelligence technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ReactJS, NextJS, NodeJS, Git/GitHub and MongoDB. Their experienced instructors, with over 6+ years of industry experience, guide students through interactive sessions, fostering a nurturing environment that sparks creativity and problem-solving abilities.

Our mission

CapsCode's mission is to make India ready for future by providing tailored IT solutions for businesses, enhancing their online journey. Additionally, we offer coding education to students, focusing on building their skills and fostering problem-solving abilities.